Cyclopic Energy provide industry-leading consultancy services
in wind resource assessment, technology selection, specification and return prediction
to achieve the best outcomes and minimise risk at all phases of wind energy developments.


Medication data show no link between wind farms and "syndrome"

A new study of prescription medication data shows rates of illness associated with Wind Turbine Syndrome, such as sleeplessness and hypertension, are no higher near wind farms than in comparable areas.

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The Australian IT article on Cyclopic Energy

The Australian features Cyclopic Energy in an article about cloud computing and wind engineering.

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BRW Features Cyclopic Energy on Cloud Computing

As part of series on innovative use of cloud computing, BRW magazine has featured Cyclopic Energy's use of Amazon Web Services to deliver state of the art wind modelling services.

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Wind Farms: What Causes the Angst?

With opposition groups increasingly raising the spectre of Wind Turbine Syndrome as evidence in their struggle against wind farm developments, the role of medical professionals and researchers should be as arbiters, not advocates, writes Damien Leclercq.

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Cyclopic Energy case study: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has prepared a case study on Cyclopic Energy's use of their cloud computing resources to deliver fast and flexible CFD analysis for clients world-wide.

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Innovate SA Focuses on Cloud Computing

Cyclopic Energy will be presenting at an informative seminar to help South Australian businesses discover the power of cloud computing, organised by Innovate SA.

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Cyclopic Energy specialise in the development of small scale (less than 100 kW) wind power installations, independent of manufacturer, using both horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines.
Because of their size, small wind turbines are extremely sensitive to their environment. Trees and buildings can dramatically reduce the available wind resource, and turbine placement is critical. Cyclopic Energy have developed a unique analysis method that both measures and models how the local wind resource is affected by complex terrain, buildings or vegetation. Our services are technologically innovative, using advanced flow simulation software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to provide scientifically sound advice.
We use this tool to design (microsite) wind turbine installations, optimising the layout to maximise energy yield while respecting site constraints such as visual integration, or potential noise and vibration issues. We predict mean wind speeds, wind power density, and other factors such as turbulence, wind shear and non-horizontal winds, which may affect the performance and fatigue life of the wind turbines.
In summary, we give you all the technical information you need to make sure that, once installed, your small wind project performs to expectation, whether it is building-mounted on an office tower in the CBD, on a country ridge, or in an industrial estate.
Please read about our full range of services, or contact us to join our mailing list, receive our full capability statement, or request a proposal.